What's Union Day?

What's Union Day?
By: Zukchiva Yura (a.k.a. Guess and Check), Editor-in-Chief

If you’ve been paying attention to the Union in the past week, you may have noticed a lot of exciteful activity regarding “Union Day”. If you’re in the Union’s Discord, you probably already know what’s going on. If you aren’t, then read on to get an explanation!

On December 18th, 2015, the Union of Democratic States was founded by Thatcher Whitehall. Every December 18th since, the Union has celebrated “Union Day”, or the Union’s birthday. Sometimes, Union Day celebrations are small and other times they are large and festive. Regardless, it is always an exciting holiday in the Union’s calendar.

The upcoming Union Day is an exceptionally important milestone, as it is the Union’s fifth birthday! Not many regions can claim to have lasted for five years, so the fact that the Union is still standing proves how amazing the region is. In order to give this milestone the celebration it deserves, the Union’s legislature created (earlier this month) the Union Day Committee, a committee that is currently running the on-going Union Day celebrations.

To receive updates on what is going on in regards to Union Day, it is suggested that you join the Union’s Discord and take part in the festivities! You will be pinged about all on-going events you can partake in.

As a last note, the Union Day Committee released a press release yesterday! You can read all about it here:

Happy Union Day to you all!