The Race is On

The Race is On
By: Josephto, Writer

This week has seen some of the most political activity in the Union in many months. As expected, Senators Isles, Sacento, and We The People were elected, with Senator WTP beating RON by only .02 of a point. Following the Senate election, the General Assembly reconvened, with Chairperson Zeneste opening the constitutionally mandated Chairperson election. As expected, the Chairperson announced his reelection to the Chair. He, however, was not the only candidate.

World Assembly Delegate Asdersland later announced that he was seeking to unseat Chairperson Zeneste. He was joined in candidacy by Zion, Davenmark, and Phoenix Coalition. These announced candidates surprised many, including the Chairperson and this writer.

When the candidates were asked why they were running to unseat Chairperson Zeneste and what could they offer to make the Assembly better, former Speaker Phoenix said, “I am the leading mastermind in this region of being effective.” Chair Zen said, “My intentions for the General Assembly are clear, and simple. I want to help our Assembly prosper as the lower house of our legislature.” Delegate Asdersland responded saying, “I am running because I believe that this body needs an experienced legislator and writer at its helm.” Asders later went on to say, “I will spare no effort to be the best Chair possible. This means ensuring that proposals are properly written and formatted, ensuring that the rules of debate are followed by everyone (including the Chair), and generally guiding the Assembly.”

In addition to the General Assembly Chair election, the Senate by-election is going to be held within the coming days. At the time of the writing of this article, two candidates have announced their running for the upper chamber of the legislature. Minister of Defense and Deputy Chancellor Kade announced his campaign for the Senate, as well as initially new citizen Muffin. In their campaign kick off statements, they both agreed to work on General Assembly reform, as well as support the UL-01 Formatting Committee Report on legislative formats. Muffin also proposed a “poll channel” on discord, perhaps establishing a regional polling system. The idea seemed to be well liked by the various citizens of the Union. However,in a surprising turn of events, a day after announcing his candidacy,Muffin announced he was dropping out of the race, citing health issues. This now means there is one seat left for the Senate, and we here at Everyday News wish Muffin the best.

With these elections under way, it is clear the Union is far from being mundane and politically apathetic. Just a few weeks ago, a competitive Chair race would have been laughable, especially when Chairperson Zeneste ran unopposed in the by-election when former Chairperson Thatcher Whitehall began a break from the Union. The Union is more active than ever, so to the politically aspiring citizens reading this article, I have but one question. What is next?

Josephto currently Deputy Chairperson and is a well-known supporter of Zeneste for Chairperson, so some bias may be present in this article.
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Thank you, and let me just say, there is no bias, Zuc made me get rid of most of it.
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