Survey Conclusions and A New Focus

Survey Conclusions and A New Focus
By: Zukchiva Yura (a.k.a. Guess and Check), Editor-in-Chief

Greetings, my readers/friends! It’s me, Guess and Check (the person you all love or hate) :p

Recently, I hosted a survey on the Union’s forums regarding what articles Everyday News should do in the future. Results may be viewed here. Seven people answered the poll- a hefty number- and now I’m here to discuss this newspaper’s next steps.

But first, the poll results for the record:

100% (7): Interviews with region members
~85% (6): UDS Election Coverage
~71% (5): Opinion pieces on Union-related things
~57% (4): Find citizens’ opinions on Union-related things, coverage on recently passed legislation.
~42% (3): Opinions on things unrelated to the Union (outside topics)
~28% (2): Explore the history of Unionists
~14% (1): Interview people outside the Union.

Along with an idea proposed by Sacento, which is to create opinion pieces on certain legislation, these are all the ideas I’ve considered for future articles.

The survey results are really interesting. I considered them along with all the work I usually do, as well as what, frankly, I would be interested in.
Without further ado, the types of articles Everyday News will be focusing on in the future.


Surprisingly, interviews seem to have been the most liked option. Kinda interesting, not gonna lie! I will probably do a few interviews since the readers want them; I already have a nominee in mind.

I think what I’ll try to do with these interviews is to ask questions about an interviewee’s history and partially on their opinions on certain subjects in the Union. So that we all can learn from these interviews and learn more about the person being questioned!

Election Coverage

So I’ve thought about this and I’ve decided I’ll do the following system for election-coverage articles.

For each election, one article will be made and updated throughout the election. I will update said article in three stages.

The first update (or creation) is the candidacy stage. Here, I’ll make a list of candidates as announced by the Chancellors, and give a brief history (of what I know- no deep research here) of each candidate within the Union.

The second update will come in after all candidates have posted their campaigns. I will pick the largest problems in that election, and try to get every candidate’s opinions on said problems. (For example, the November Senate elections had two debates: did the Union really need more committees? And should the Senate be expanded?). This stage is two-fold: readers will know what are the biggest things to focus on, as well as the candidate’s opinions on those issues. I will also link to each candidate’s campaigns.

The third update will come after voting results are announced. Everyday News will announce the winners following the Chancellor’s announcement. We may also do a little analysis to see how and why candidates were voted in that way (this may or may not happen, we will see).

Every update, I will ping a list of nations who wish to get election coverage. This list will be separate from the regular article ping list, as election pings will happen more frequently and on a regular basis.

We’ll test how this system works in the next elections!

Opinion pieces on Union-related topics

It seems a lot of people wish to hear my (or Isles’ since Isles writes a lot as a Guest-Writer) opinions on certain circumstances within the Union, or per Sacento’s suggestion, certain legislation. Therefore, I will try to see if I can publish more opinion articles on certain things. Get ready to hear my thoughts! ^_^

Legislation Coverage

I think I will try this out on a per-monthly basis, with a ping list separate from those of regular articles and election articles. Basically just a small review of legislation that has been voted on by the legislature, as well as an explanation of the changes.

For my sanity plus making sure we cover things that actually matter, I will only be doing these on motions voted upon by both branches of our legislature.
I think that’s all I will be focusing on. Of course, if there is something truly news-worthy, or anyone submits to me something they wish to write (feel free to submit anything! Doesn’t have to be something remotely lated to the options I list above!), then I’ll write about it. But during those times where there isn’t something exactly interesting or important, I’ll try to focus on these other article types instead.

Thank you for being so awesome, my friends! See you around, and feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns, or mayhaps even wish to submit an article to Everyday News!


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Dec 18, 2015
This sounds like a great audit of sorts for your paper, Zuk. I like the ideas you've proposed here. I like the election coverage and interview ideas! (y)
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Oct 25, 2020
I too like the idea of election coverage and interviews. Although Thatcher has yet to submit his answers to my questionnaire.
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