Statement Regarding the New Western Atlantic


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Dec 18, 2015
Forthwith Ebania a.k.a Noah a.k.a. Struberria a.k.a. @noah#9636 is indefinitely banned from all properties of the UDS admin team.

Earlier this year, Siege left the NWA after the NWA government manipulated him into merging his region, Dawn, with the NWA. Siege criticized the NWA in other servers. As a result, Noah told him that he would publicly reveal Siege's sexuality if he continued. Noah was also in possession of Siege's location, which was posted in the NWA server but later deleted. Later, Noah sent a region-wide telegram to the entire NWA, lashing out at Siege and revealing some of his personal information. His nation was deleted as a result ( Following the incident, he vehemently defended his actions, and, to this day, shows no remorse and insists it was his only option.

This individual is a manipulator and a blackmailer. This individual poses a threat to the UDS and is not welcome.

Forthwith Josephtan a.k.a. @joseph#6530 is provisionally banned from all properties of the UDS. This individual is a Senator in a government that has a history of blackmail, manipulation, and defamation. Because we do now know the extent of this person's involvement in the events of the NWA / Siege affair, further research will need to be conducted. The safety of the region is paramount, though, and a provisional ban is needed to ensure that the community remains safe.

The NWA has just approached the UDS foreign staff regarding a merger between the two regions. ( It is obvious that the NWA government is trying to foster a repeat of history, wherein the UDS plays the role of Dawn. This is unacceptable. The UDS admin team proscribes the New Western Atlantic and encourages all other administrative bodies to do the same.


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