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Stahlhafen Introduction

PM Petrosiak Lord Galmor

New member
Free Metropolitan Republic of Stahlhafen
UDS Nation
Other Names or Aliases
PM Lord Galmor
Other Regions or Organizations
Stahlhafen Science and Technology Agency, Stahlhafen Industrial Engineering Institute
Prior Experience?
Do you have discord?
How did you hear about us?
I just searched and there you were, the perfect place to practise my ideals.
How long has your nation been inside the UDS?
1 day
Please confirm your nation name again
"I, the Free Metropolitan Republic of Stahlhafen, do solemnly swear that I bear true allegiance to the Union of Democratic States, that I will faithfully obey and have read the laws and Constitution of the Union, and that I will never deceive, disrespect, damage, or otherwise neglect the Union of Democratic States."
The Free Metropolitan Republic of Stahlhafen is a republic founded on the principles of parliamentary democracy, meritocracy and technocracy. I am Petrosiak, Lord Galmor of South Braxony, Prime Minister of Stahlhafen and Secretary-General of the National Social Democratic Party (NSDP). I myself am a economist at the country's Centre for Economic and Financial Research at the State Bank of Stahlhafen, the central bank, with a background in complex systems engineering. I am also a member of the Stahlhafen Academy of Science, Stahlhafen Academy of Economics and Social Science and Stahlhafen Academy of Engineering.

My country is new and had been founded to bring economic prosperity, high living standards, improved human well-being and an inclusive democracy to its people and its allies through treaties, agreements and rule of law. We are a nation of scientists and engineers; we create innovation while at the same time, try to safeguard the liberties of the people.

Stahlhafen was born out of a failing country that was highly theocratic and ignored the plights of the people. Stahlhafen is much better than its predecessor in which constant improvement is key. To remember our history, we have chosen the Crusader Cross as our flag.


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Well-known member
Committee Member
Ministerial Assistant

Citizenship Application
Congratulations! Your citizenship application has been approved; make sure to check out the Discord Server and Master Dispatch; and familiarize yourself with our laws and constitution. You now enjoy the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition, the right to due process and a speedy, fair trial, the right to run for and hold office, and the right to vote in the elections of the Union. You are also now a member of the General Assembly, the lower house of the Union's Legislature. I would like to welcome you to our region and wish you a happy, productive and exciting tenure.
Deputy Minister Of Census