Miann Citizenship Application


Jul 21, 2023
  1. He/Him
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Empire of Great Britain

What's your World Assembly status? Membership - Other Nation (Meaning outside the UDS)
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I, Kalenira, do solemnly swear that I bear true allegiance to the Union of Democratic States, that I will faithfully obey and have read the laws and Constitution of the Union, and that I will never deceive, disrespect, damage, or otherwise neglect the Union of Democratic States

Approved by: Phoenix
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Thank you for submitting your application! Please allow the Census Ministry up to 24 hours to get this processed.
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Hello Friend, and welcome to the Union! I've approved your application, and you'll be on our Citizenship roster no later than 9pm EDT tomorrow.

Make sure to check out the Discord Server and Master Dispatch; and familiarize yourself with our laws and constitution. You now enjoy the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition, the right to due process and a speedy, fair trial, the right to run for and hold office, and the right to vote in the elections of the Union. You now also have the ability to join the Union's Executive Branch and help govern the region; be sure to check out the sub-forums for the ministries, Ministries sign up. I would like to again welcome you to our region and wish you a happy, productive and exciting tenure!
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