• Greetings Guest,

    If you registering to our forum and have discord, please ensure you register with discord to more-quickly obtain your usergroups (roles). If you do not have discord, we recommend mentioning that in your application for citizenship, etc.

    If you are already registered, go to your account settings > connected accounts > assoicate discord.

Linking Your Discord

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Hello, and welcome to our regional forums. Whether you're here for diplomatic, visitation, or for citizenship purposes, linking your Discord to our forum is an important step in the process of registering and obtaining roles. Primarily all of your roles can be assigned vice versa onto the forums and/or discord by registering with Discord or linking your Discord account.

Let's first start by showing you the process to register an account with Discord.

First, you need to click on the "Register" button. It will take you to a screen looking like this:

Once the Register screen pops up, click on the Discord button.

Then it will take you to this screen, hit Authorize.


After that, it will redirect you back to the forum where you register normally.


Now, let's show you the process to associate your Discord account with our forum. This is for EXISTING users only.

First, you need to go to the forum page and login (if you aren't already). Click on your account name and go to Connected Accounts.


Once there, all you need to do is associate your account to Discord. It's very similar to the process above as it takes you to Discord to either login or authorize. Then redirect back to the forum to enter your password and finish up the process. Then if successful, you'll see your account associated and a way to unassociate it.

(Note: This last screenshot was condensed into one to save on the length of this post.)

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