Indefinite Ban: Randy

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Dec 18, 2015
At 3:51 p.m. EST on June 25th 2020, Randy a.k.a. @randy#7781 was indefinitely banned from all properties of the Union of Democratic States’ Administrative Team.

Evidence was presented to the UDS admin team which showed Randy alluding to having stalked at least one member of another NS community, making disturbing public comments towards that member.

As it is the job of the UDS admin team to provide a safe community for all members and as such behavior and evident comments puts the community at risk, the decision was made to ban Randy.

As evidence was still actively being shared with other NS administrative teams, releasing an announcement, per usual, at the time of the execution of the ban may have given the appearance of a "dogpile," discrediting the effort to ban Randy.

The decision was made to withold this announcement until such an effort was largely underway and with success in sight.


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