Indefinite Ban: Quentin Compson


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Dec 18, 2015
Forthwith Quentin Compson a.k.a April Dancer a.k.a. A Dark Shadow a.k.a. The Minder a.k.a. @kristin#5239 is indefinitely banned from all properties of the Union of Democratic States’ Administrative Team.

Although this decision was easy to make I understand that it may be difficult for some to process, especially for those who have been members of the region since 2015 and 2016. Putting all sentiment aside, it is the duty of the administrative team to keep “the region and it’s property safe,” protecting it’s players against OOC threats and those who harbor such threats.

Recently, the administrative team learned that Quentin Compson is an alias of a player known as A Dark Shadow (herein “Shadow”). Quentin Compson, as Shadow, is an active member of and manages a discord server and raiding organization known as “Fossils and Friends.” Fossils and Friends contains notable and widely blacklisted players 94 Block, Don, Vaculatestar64, and Dunken Conquerors. Additionally, two other players, namely Kurosaki and Mostovka, are involved.

94 Block a.k.a. Saint Vladimir the Great a.k.a. Ethan Allen is a known harasser, doxxer, ban evader, homophobe, transphobe, PTSD denier, and forum destroyer. After years of avoiding any real consequences onsite due to NationStates’ administrative team’s rigourous criteria for acceptable evidence, Block was declared DoS, or “Delete-on-Sight,” on February 19th of this year.

Don is a known harasser and sexual predator.

Vaculatestar64 is a known harasser and enabler of other blacklisted players.

Drunken Conquerors a.k.a. Alpha Wolf a.k.a. Apostate is a known harasser, flamer, enabler, and harborer of 94 Block while he was in charge of The Invaders, an infamous raiding organization with notable and problematic OOC issues. Additionally, Drunken Conquerors attempted to Out-Of-Character Assassinate Yuno. OOC Assassination is defined as the continued and deliberate effort to discredit, or harm the reputation of, a player.

Kurosaki, although not as well-known as the others, made threatening remarks about a gay player.

It has been made evident to the administrative team that the notable and widely blacklisted players, namely 94 Block, Don, Vaculatestar64, and Drunken Conquerors, use the “Fossils and Friends” server not only to fraternize and enable one another but also to articulate homophobic sentiments. It should be noted that for these and other transgressions against both players and regions these players would collectively be declared DoS, with Quentin Compson receiving a minimum DEAT as punishment for harboring them, if not a DoS, if not for the NationStates’ administrative team’s rigourous criteria for acceptable evidence.

It has been a well-documented trend that these players, using a point of access such as a respected citizen, join regions under various aliases with the express purpose of subverting them and destroying their communities. As evidenced by 94 Block’s recent sweep such a threat is credible.

The purpose of blacklisting specific players from most regions (herein “community ban”) is to limit their ability to harm innocent players or infrastructure. Community bans are only effective when all members of a participating region obey the ban. If administrative bodies ignored community bans and the implications of respecting such bans because they tolerated certain players, community bans would become ineffective and an obsolete tool to protect regions.

By building discord servers and IC organizations with, harboring, and actively engaging with the aforementioned blacklisted players Quentin Compson violates a community ban and perpetuates the ability of these individuals to harass, doxx, coerce, threaten, exploit, and flame innocent players and subvert, evade bans, and destroy the property of innocent regions.

Trusted gameplay members have confronted Quenton Compson regarding her free association with the aforementioned notable and widely blacklisted players and she has repeatedly refused to relinquish her ties with them.

The Union of Democratic States’ Administrative Team is committed to the maintenance of reasonable community bans as to protect both innocent players and innocent regions. To this end, rule seven of our official discord rules states that “associating with OOC blacklisted players is also grounds for action.

The UDS does not tolerate players who have been blacklisted from the off-site communities of most gameplay regions for serious OOC reasons, and such players will be banned on sight. If you choose to support or associate yourself with these elements, you run the risk of being deemed a security threat by the administration team.”


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