Gleox - Ministry of Defense Application

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May 12, 2024
  1. He/Him


Ministry Application Form
Basic Information

What is your nation's name?: Kahriyah
What is your Discord username?: gleox
What are other names or aliases are you known by?:

Dreplan, Pisqantinsuyu (formerly)
What Ministry are you applying for?: Ministry of Defense

Ministry Specific Information

What position interests you in Defense?: Active Duty - UDSAF
What is your prior experience with Defense & Raiding/Defending (R&D)?:

Years ago I served in the armed forces of The East Pacific and engaged in a number of operations during my time there.
What other regions or organizations are you a part of?:

None currently
Do you understand that this job requires you to use a World Assembly Nation consisently?: Yes
Approved by: Ostro
Approved! I'll send you a link to the UDSAF server and Libcord on Discord. Welcome to the armed forces!