Dr.Orvos - Ministry of Culture Application


Executive Cabinet
Feb 22, 2021


Ministry Application Form
Basic Information

What is your nation's name?: The Roman Federation of Soissons
What is your Discord username?: orvos.
What are other names or aliases are you known by?:

Orvos, Dr.Orvos, Pelangia
What Ministry are you applying for?: Ministry of Culture

Ministry Specific Information

What position within Culture interests you?: Offsite Event Planner

Do you have any prior experience with Culture?:

Not much here in UDS beyond the Deran 1st Anniversary event I hosted (a session of King of the Castle game), but in FNR/FNF I have been Minister of Culture multiple times, so much so that one time I managed to stay the Minister of Culture there for a entire 1 year at one point, I know how to organize events such as gaming events and others type of events such as writing events.
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