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UDS Nation
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Confederation of Corrupt dictators
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Do you have discord?
How did you hear about us?
Through the embassies
How long has your nation been inside the UDS?
Nothing for a long time
Please confirm your nation name again
"I, Jshhsowkausy, do solemnly swear that I bear true allegiance to the Union of Democratic States, that I will faithfully obey and have read the laws and Constitution of the Union, and that I will never deceive, disrespect, damage, or otherwise neglect the Union of Democratic States."
l would like to become a citizen.l have huge amount of experience in goverment and which will benefit the region.


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Deputy Minister of the Census
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Chief Justice
Associate Justice

Citizenship Application
Unfortunately, your citizenship application has been denied because you do not fulfill the requirements established here specifically because of one of three reasons; your application states another region you are in is Confederation of Corrupt Dictators (CCD) despite the fact the only nation you have provided on this application has been banned and ejected from the region. There are three conclusions to make from this:
  1. You have lied on your application as you do not have a nation residing in CCD
  2. You had multiple nations in CCD which, as can be attested to by the message you logged in CCD's Regional Message Board, you have been using them to advance your own political goals.
  3. You have been banned and ejected from CCD but despite that you have moved another Nation into the Region, thereby circumventing your ban.
Each of these reasons are, alone, enough to deny a citizenship application; with all three up for debate there is no reason to not deny this application. Should you apply again when you are in compliance, I look forward to entering you into our roster.

Die Kronprinzessin
Minister of the Census