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Citizenship Application - Aljaksandr Bandjeraw

Aljaksandr Bandjeraw

New member
UDS Nation
Other Names or Aliases
Other Regions or Organizations
Past Regions or Organizations
North Pacific; Conch Kingdom; Social Liberal Union, United Kingdom
Prior Experience?
Do you have discord?
Aljaksandr Bandjeraw#8084
How did you hear about us?
Saw you on the list and remembered I used to be here
How long has your nation been inside the UDS?
~20 minutes at the point of posting
Please confirm your nation name again
"I, Rutheneja, do solemnly swear that I bear true allegiance to the Union of Democratic States, that I will faithfully obey and have read the laws and Constitution of the Union, and that I will never deceive, disrespect, damage, or otherwise neglect the Union of Democratic States."
(R.P.) I am a Belarusian Emigrant from a harsh dictatorship and wish to live in a free, equal, and democratic society.


Well-known member
Minister of the Census
Ministerial Assistant
Donator ❤️

Citizenship Application
Congratulations! Your citizenship application has been approved; make sure to check out the Discord Server and Master Dispatch; and familiarize yourself with our laws and constitution. You now enjoy the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition, the right to due process and a speedy, fair trial, the right to run for and hold office, and the right to vote in the elections of the Union. You are also now a member of the General Assembly, the lower house of the Union's Legislature. I would like to welcome you to our region and wish you a happy, productive and exciting tenure.
Kingdom of Sacento
Minister of the Census