Announcement: Promotion of Ark, Phoenix, and Khevo


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Chief Admin
Dec 18, 2015
I hereby promote Ark to Deputy Chief Administrator, Phoenix to Associate Administrator, and Khevo to Associate Administrator.

This announcement is long overdue. Ark has served the administrative team for a very long time, even filling in for me on several occasions. He is the most senior Associate Administrator and a natural Deputy Chief Administrator. He will serve well as Deputy Chief Administrator. Phoenix has additionally served the administrative team for a long time. He has served admirably as technical assistant and has worked incredibly hard maintaining this forum. He fully grasps what it means to be an administrator and I fully trust that he will provide intuitive insight as an Associate Administrator. Khevo is a long-standing member of this community of good repute. He has served well as a discord assistant and forum moderator. He understands the role of the administrative team and I look forward to his input as an Associate Administrator.

The Executive Administrative Team, the body which makes determinations, now consists of the following: Thatcher, Ark, Kade, Phoenix, and Khevo.


Thatcher Whitehall
Chief Administrator