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Announcement: Leave of Absence


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I will be on leave from now until April 4th. It is important for the overall safety of the region that I delegate my authority as Chief Administrator. During this period Deputy Chief Administrator Ark will serve as Chief Administrator calling the shots and making determinations pertinent to the advice and consent of the executive administrators. Executive administrators include Ark, Phoenix, Khevo, and Glaciosia. Ark’s word will be as authoritative as my word. The nation "The Noble Thatcherites" is in vacation mode and I will be logging in to ensure that it does not cease to exist. Should an emergency for the region arise, Ark, Khevo, and Phoenix have my contact information, will be able to contact me and may alert me of the situation. Once I return and make contact on the 4th Ark’s leadership as Chief Administrator will terminate and he will be returned to the position of Deputy Chief Administrator. The rest of the administrative team has been notified and told what their duties are.


Thatcher Whitehall
Chief Administrator