Announcement: AA Backup Policies


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Dec 18, 2015
Since at least Saturday the AugustinAndroid discord bot, which provides both verification and moderation services for UDS discord servers, has been inaccessible from our main server. The developer of the bot is working on the issue and we expect it to be resolved soon, however, we have established the following backup policies to ensure that our standards of moderation and security are upheld during any lapses in availability of the AugustinAndroid Bot:

  • Welcome messages will be issued by the bot Hunter Prime.
  • Verification of nations will be conducted manually using the NS telegram system. We are maintaining a record of these verifications, and users will likely be required to re-verify once Augustin Android returns.
  • Warnings and notices of rule violations will be sent by way of a direct message by the administrator who executed the moderation action and a copy of the correspondence will be shared with the Executive Administrative Team.
  • Appeals to appealable moderation actions can be made by way of a direct message to an executive administrator. If a moderation action was taken by an executive administrator that is not the Chief Administrator, appeals can be made by way of a direct message to the Chief Administrator. If a moderation action was taken by the Chief Administrator, appeals can be made by way of a direct message to the Deputy Chief Administrator.
  • Once AugustinAndroid returns, any warnings and moderator actions conducted using the manual system will be transferred to the bot. All moderation actions which were taken previously were logged in discord, and will remain accessible.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this time.


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As of now the AA bot is back online and normal operations have been resumed. These rules are being kept on as our back-up policies in the case that AA and other critical regional infrastructure are down.