Administrative Team Roster and Organizational Changes


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Dec 18, 2015
The administrative team is an active institution given an important range of responsibilities over critical regional infrastructure. Administrators need to be engaged with the community and active on the administrative team. Administrators need to be active so that they can respond to concerns brought to them by members of their community. Kade was a fantastic administrator who specialized in the technical administration of the discord and forum. Despite his activity in the early years of the administrative team, recent events in Caer Sidi now highlight the need for administrators to be proactive and vigilant at all times to keep regional infrastructure safe.

I hereby dismiss Kade as Associate Administrator.

Given the increase in regional population, both the discord and the forum have seen an increase in activity. Administrators are not always online when problematic behavior takes place or when basic help is needed on the forum. After discussion, the administrative team decided that a new position was needed. I hereby institute the position of “Moderator.” Moderators will be granted the following responsibilities:
  • Warning members both on the discord and forum.
  • Deleting problematic discord posts.
  • Masking members on discord.
  • Editing and moving threads on the forum.
Moderators will not be administrators and will not be members of the Executive Administrative Team, the body that makes determinations.

Kanglia is a long-term member of the community, originally joining in 2016, taking a hiatus, and finally returning in April of this year. Kanglia has served a number of IC positions ranging from Commander of the Union of Democratic States Armed Forces to Chairperson which point to his ability to organize and moderate. Kanglia understands regional rules and would bring experience to the position of Moderator.

I hereby promote Kanglia to Moderator.

Dome Artan is a relative newcomer to the community, joining this past winter. He has served in a number of IC positions from WA Delegate to Vice President which show his competence and ability to maturely wield regional positions. Dome has since updated regional dispatches and informed the administrative team of recent rule violations. Dome understands regional administrative policies and can recognize when rule violations occur.

I hereby promote Dome Artan to Moderator.


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