A Poll on the Constitution- The Results

A Poll on the Constitution- The Results
By: Guess and Check, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, my friends! Everyday News is back again for a short and quick article going over the poll results of the recent Constitution survey! It was held over the timespan of a week, and gathered around 14 results. It explored Unionist's current satisfaction with the Constitution and their thoughts about a new one. So let’s see what the results were~


QUESTION ONE: Are you satisfied with the current Constitution?

NO: 7 (50%)
YES: 4 (28%)


It’s clear that a majority of respondents were not satisfied with the current Constitution. While there may be many reasons why, possible reasons can include many various flaws and amendments made to the Constitution since its ratification around a year ago, and people’s subsequent concerns with their views that the Constitution remains flawed. It seems the Union is leaning towards wanting another Constitution.

QUESTION TWO: If the Constitution was replaced, would you like to keep the current government structure?

Yes, I like the overall structure as-is*: 7 (50%)

No, I would like to see a complete remodeling of our government structure or at least substantial changes to it: 6 (42%)

I am indifferent: 1 (7%)


*It should be noted that this question had its answers edited soon after the survey was released. Those who answered the original affirmative answer, “Yes I like the structure”, have been included in the new affirmative answer. The graph reflects this split in affirmative answers.

It is apparent that whilst more Unionists lean towards Constitutional replacement, many individuals also like our current government structure.

Now, it is to be understood that this question is quite broad. Structure can refer from overall branches to the powers of a single position. So, this question is not the best (and I admit in hindsight that it could have been improved).

Regardless, we can be assured that most Unionists would like to maintain the Union as a three or four branch democracy, with strong checks on branches' and individuals’ power. A substantial minority (nearly to the majority) wants to enact change, however. So it seems the Union is nearly balanced on this matter- and depending on how one interprets the survey’s affirmative answer (as in maybe those who answered YES want to keep most things the same, but do want to make some amendments to how the government operates), one could say the Union leans towards change.

QUESTION THREE: Do you support the replacement of the Constitution?

Yes, I would like to see a new Constitution drafted: 6 (42%)

Yes, and furthermore I would like to see it replaced by Kron’s draft: 5 (35%)

No, I would not support replacing the Constitution: 2 (14%)

I am indifferent: 1 (7%)


As it is, it seems there is a very strong want to replace the Constitution, with 77% of surveyees wanting to see a replacement. This is a bit of a curious result, as only 50% of poll answerers reported being unsatisfied with the Constitution- meaning some people who are satisfied with the Constitution are also supportive of a replacement.

Disparity aside, the results are clear here: the Union leans towards wanting a new Constitution.

QUESTION FOUR: Are you interested in the ideas in Kron's Constitution?

I am interested in most of her ideas: 9 (64%)

I am interested in some of her ideas: 4 (28%)

I am interested in a few of her ideas: 1 (7%)

I am interested in none of her ideas: 0 (0%)


Another interesting result- most answerers seem to be interested in at least reviewing and discussing the ideas found within Kron’s constitution. However, this result should be expected; afterall, there was already an extremely high majority of answerers in favor of replacing the Constitution (and a strong minority favoring Kron’s draft). This shows that Kron’s Constitutional draft has some interest amongst the Union populace.

QUESTION FIVE: What, if any, comments do you have about either the current Constitution or Kron's Constitution?


"Kron’s constitution works well and is very straightforward, however it lacks originality as it seems to be a paraphrase of the irl constitution of the United States."

"The current constitution is adequate in its current job but is quite bland and not straightforward."

"I would support the redrafting of the constitution with a more original style centered around the UDS. A change I would include would be a requirement for elected officials to maintain much more constant and informative contact with the citizens outside of elections."

"This review was written by The Southeast Earth."


"Kron's constitution is well written and generally encompasses everything. It is the best."

"I would support most of the ideas. The idea of referendum is very interesting one - I would also give the President the power, instead of a veto to submit the law to a referendum. On the other hand I would be stricter on not allowing any member of the Executive branch to be at the same time serving in the judicial branch as it creates a conflict of interest."


While the response to this question are diverse, they reaffirm the current support for replacing the Constitution, or at least changing a lot of it.


As it is, the Union seems to balance between being satisfied and unsatisfied of the current Constitution and government structure, but more than a majority of answerers seek a replacement to the current Constitution, and are interested in the ideas presented by Kron. From this, we can ultimately draw one conclusion: there is a lot of concern with the current Constitution’s quality. While serviceable and, as implied by these answers, not at all the worst Constitution to be made in NS history nor the Union’s, it seems that many believe it would be for the better if the current Constitution was replaced by something of higher quality.

That’s it! To end off this analysis, I present to you these words stated by Die Kronprinzessin, the person who supported/created this poll and the "Kron’s Constitutional Draft" as linked within this article:

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who filled in the poll, everyone knows my thoughts on it so despite my better instincts I have not filled in the poll, these results are purely all of you. And what I take from it is that my constitution is our best solution; I say this in spite of the fact that this region is narrowly in favour of our current constitution’s structure and how more people would like a newly drafted constitution. But, to quote myself:

Simply put, it would take either a constitutional convention - this thing the region has, apparently, had enough of - or a similar timespan as the creation of my constitution (1 and a half years of on and off again work) to successfully rewrite the constitution to fix the lion share of these mistakes.

It is not worth the time commitment, nor is it worth risking a constitutional convention (which, in the very least, would result in committed Unionists leaving the region) to fix the current constitution right now when a better solution is available. I do not mind, nor care, if my constitution is “stop gap” and come this time next year a concerted team effort has produced a constitution which combines everything good about this region in a way we all will approve of. If such an effort ever comes to fruition I would be honoured to lend my hand to it.
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