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Oct 3, 2022

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Council Of State Denies Amendment to The Charter of Rights
September 2nd, 2023
On the 20th of August, 2023, The Motion to Amend the Bill "The Charter of Rights" was Introduced into the Council of State, by Alpine state
The Charter of Rights was a Bill Passed In June of this Year, Submitted By The Honorable Member Guess and Check In it Contained A Series of Rights that would be Given to the Nations that Reside in The Union of Democratic States, Including but not Limited To;

• The right to maintain a standing military.
• The right to receive advice and appropriate resources from the Union’s government to further the development of their nation.
• The right to appeal to the Union’s regional court any matter of regional government or inter-Unionist nation conflict.
•The right to maintain a seat as Councilor on the Council of State, so long as all proper procedures have been followed.

However, Of The Various Rights Listed in the Original Bill, The Rights of The right to vote in World assembly and security council elections freely and without interference by the union. and The right to be processed by a government with that shall consist of humans doing tasks and all automated process must be appealable to a human., were not Included
The Amendment Bill was Put to a Vote on Wednesday the 30th of August, And Was Closed Yesterday, The Final Motion Failed with 3 of the 5 Votes being for Opposing the Bill

Former President Phoenix to be Honored with Executive Mansion rename
September 2nd, 2023
Former President Phoenix was one of the Greatest Presidents of The UDS's Time, Serving 6 Consecutives Terms, Strengthening our Ties with Many Regions, and Signing the Aegis Accords
With The Many Good Deeds That Phoenix has Done for our Union, Madam President East Chimore Submitted a Bill to the Council of State on the 8th of August, and was Presented on the 20th, The Bill named "In Recognition of Executive Dedication and Contribution of Phoenix Coalition (A proposal to add an honorific name)" was to Give the Executive Mansion, The residence of the President, A Rename, In Honor of Former President Phoenix

Although The Former President Should be Honored in some way, The Deputy Speaker of the Council, Glacio Revera, Opposed the Bill, Stating that they do not want to Impugne the Charater of Phoenix, But;
"I object to bestowing these types of honors while the honoree remains active in that sphere of politics, which Phoenix clearly is as the Vice President." -Glacio Revera, Aug 23, 2023

Councilor Revera Stated that The Honor Should only be bestowed Once Phoenix officially Retires from Political Duties, Which Does Make more Sense, And would be More Mutual, As Phoenix would not have to work in a Building that Bears his Name, in His Honor, Which may have some Guilt tied to it, but None the Less the Bill Went to a Vote on Wednesday, and Closed Yesterday
With 7 Votes, 3 For Yes and 2 For No, and rest Abstaining, The Vote was Passed, and we Await to see the Executive Mansion Renamed to The: "Phoenix Coalition Executive Mansion"

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