Recognition Of New Symbols and Seals for the Union


The Greater Empire of Astrodom
Executive Cabinet
Oct 3, 2022


To enact the bill "Recognition Of New Symbols and Seals for the Union"
Introduced into the Council of State of the Union of Democratic States on the 28thth of April, 2024, by @JaxsonWinter
As follows:​

RECOGNIZING That The Union Has Long needed an Update of its Symbols used in Government
REALIZING That Some sectors of the Union Government haven't had or current do not have an official symbol or seal
ACKNOWLEDGING That the Union is in need of Better Symbols and Seals for its parts of Government
BE IT ENACTED by the Council of State:

Section 1: Current Seals and Symbols
1. The Current Symbols and Seals of the Union, Such as the Coat of Arms, will not be thrown out but yet recognized as Symbols used in general to recognize the Union in foreign relations or when a seal or symbol of a part of Government can not be found/used

Section 2: New Seals and Symbols
1. The New Seals and Symbols of the Union will be used and recognized in the Followings Parts of Government: The Offices of the Directorate, The Executive Government, the Council of State, the Judiciary/Ministry of Justice, The Election Commission, and the General Union
2. Other Parts of Government, Such as the Ministry of Roleplay, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or other, may have a new seal or symbol made for the Ministry at a future date, of which, The Ministry of [Whatever] Must follow Section 2 Part 1 and Use and Recognize the Seal of that Respective Ministry