Oh Shoot He's at it Again


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Oct 26, 2020

Oh well. Hello there.

I’m well aware that there has been quite a long time in between these self aggrandizing think-pieces of mine but over the course of the last few days I couldn’t help but start feeling as though I had a need to write one of these. So, dear reader, do me a favor and bear with me as I remember how to do all of this.
Where were we when we last spoke huh? I believe I was saying something about how I have had a relatively decent turnaround in my mental state and that has led me back to semi active participation here without feeling like I needed to control everything, or something of the like, yes?
Well, my dear reader, the good news is that it's still relatively the same.
Except this time: I feel like I might want to. I watched from the sidelines of the last election as I had no desire to run against a very good friend and longtime ally in Phoenix(and also because I do love this nice comfy armchair that being the MoD provides on occasion) but I am going to be working towards a new goal(or goals) for the rest of Phoenix’s glorious term: Do more than just lurk and occasionally the whole old man shouting at clouds bit, continually update and actually provide a boost in our fighting force with the UDSAF(please consider joining, I’d love to have you) and manifesting and working on my own future campaign. There’s truly no point in making promises, especially ones where there’s no real way to generally guarantee them, but I am going to work on all of these with the intention of once again becoming the head of the executive within the UDS.
Maybe this time, Thatcher won’t nuke the entire government creating a multi month(or year depending on your belief) spiral of the region sending me to TSP and then off of Nationstates entirely for the better part of two years! I mean, surely nothing I do is going to be worse than that time, right?
Anyways that’s all well into the future(or the past, in the case of the previous offshoot memory.) The present construction of this wonderful Corner of mine is… Well it can do with some improvements. So that’s why I am proposing this: Got something on your mind? Want to run a glorious slander speech of political parties or vice versa? Want to showcase your thoughts and ideas beyond just a micro level, and instead launch something close to a full blown manifesto?
Easy answer for you; come to the Corner! I’m going to (hopefully) find the time to do more print interviews(as opposed to the podcast styles I used to do) and am looking for interested parties. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord or even go so far as to directly ping me in the Kanglia’s Corner channel, and I’ll work with setting something up for us to have something done on your time.
Cheers again,
The Semi-Unretired Armchair.