NCE - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Application


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Jul 26, 2023
  1. He/Him


Ministry Application Form
Basic Information

What is your nation's name?: Cordian UDS
What is your Discord username?: ncencence
What are other names or aliases are you known by?:

NCE, the Cordian Isles
What Ministry are you applying for?: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry Specific Information

What position interests you in Foreign Affairs?: Ambassador - No preference
Do you have any prior foreign affairs experience within NationStates?:

Former Executive Director of Founderless - that was three years ago and I’m not sure I was ready for it. Made a bad decision that led to a PR shitshow for us, but I was also involved with the Award Accords I believe it was (not in any significant capacity, I was pretty junior to everyone else and just kind of there). Later was forced to resign due to RL circumstances and went inactive for a while. I’ve grown a lot since then and become a lot more informed about the state and workings of FA in NSGP, so I think I’ll be better now than I was.
What other regions or organizations are you a part of?:

I’m a legislator and SPSF Trainee in the South Pacific and resident in Atlantean Oceania.
Approved by: AC Alex | East Chimore
Welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NCE! We'll shortly be getting you an ambassadorial posting, and getting you the low-down on what being an ambassador means. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either myself, VP @Phoenix, or Minister @JaxsonWinter.