Announcement: New Operations and Emeritus Roles


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Dec 18, 2015

I am pleased to announce two new administrative team roles: the Senior Administrator for Operations and the Administrator Emeritus.

While the Deputy Chief Administrator and I do our best to be available, we recognize that we cannot always make determinations on the day-to-day issues and challenges that arise in a region of our size and maturity. As is tradition, the administrative team has, for some time, used the consensus of its members to make decisions on certain matters. While the administrative team will continue to operate in this way, creating a position specifically tasked with addressing and resolving daily issues would make the team more efficient and responsive to the needs of the region, and ultimately make the region safer.

After discussion, the administrative team decided that a new position is needed. I hereby institute the position of Senior Administrator for Operations. The Senior Administrator for Operations is expected to be an active member of the administrative team who will make determinations with regard to day-to-day matters. Day-to-day matters include, but are not limited to, appearance and conduct cases on the forum and Discord (including provisional and indefinite bans). Matters such as the command structure, broad policy, strategic vision, financials, and property ownership are explicitly reserved for my approval. As is our tradition, the team as a whole must discuss big picture decisions. While I could not possibly list every big picture matter, I have faith in the judgment and discernment skills of my administrative team members, and I trust that they will respect my role in the administrative team. I do not expect this to be an area where I will need to relitigate these boundaries—I trust the team.

The Senior Administrator for Operations will report to the Deputy Chief Administrator, who in turn reports to me. Junior Administrators will look to Senior Administrators for approval, and Senior Administrators will look to the Senior Administrator for Operations for approval.

The administrative team is committed to transparency. Announcements for bans and other important information will continue to be posted to this subforum within a reasonable time of their execution.

Besides the many roles in the IC government to which he has been unwaveringly faithful, @Phoenix has been invaluable in their work on the Administrative Team. Pivotal in designing our current forum, managing our region's finances per my Deputy and I's oversight, handling onsite recruitment, and countless other matters, Phoenix knows the ins and outs of professionally managing a region of our size and caliber. Through their four years of outstanding and dedicated service to our community, I am confident that they will excel in this new role and provide invaluable support to the team for years to come. Please join me in welcoming them to this new role!

Furthermore, on a team of our size it is important that we know who is available or not to participate in discussions, votes when they occur, and determinations. I hereby institute the role of Administrator Emeritus. The Chief Administrator or Deputy Chief Administrator will approach Administrators who are inactive for a month or more and gauge with them the reasons for their inactivity and what steps would be helpful. The Administrator Emeritus role is a fluid one, designed to identify and provide inactive administrators with the opportunity to remain on the team in an advisory capacity. Please note that we are not removing any existing administrators from their positions. Instead, we are simply providing an alternative option for those who may wish to remain involved in our community but are unable to commit the same level of time and energy as they previously have.

To respect the privacy of our admins, we will not announce publicly when someone transitions to the Administrator Emeritus role.

Thatcher Whitehall
Chief Administrator