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    Kron - Ministry of Roleplay Application

    Ministry Application Form Basic Information What is your nation's name?: Die Kronprinzessin What is your Discord username?: Rikki#0550 What are other names or aliases are you known by?: Kron What Ministry are you applying for?: Ministry of Roleplay Ministry Specific Information What...
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    Feedback: UL w/ New Plugin

    i wish it did groups of 4 instead of groups of 6 otherwise like it
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    Passed The Motion to Replace the Constitution

    You've lost your mind, Glac served as Minister without Portfolio last time because he wanted to be, its not automatic and has not been tradition
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    Passed The Motion to Replace the Constitution

    Like you say, this is probably best for another law. I imagine the Elections Act could have a new section for referendums included into it. Until then, as the EC is empowered to do, I imagine some temporary rules for a referendum will be made.
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    Passed The Motion to Replace the Constitution

    Our positions are fairly diametrically opposed, so I don't particularly hope to convert you to this constitution, but I will offer a defence of it :p Representative vs. Direct Democracy is something that divides regions. In short, I oppose Direct Democracies because they do two things, firstly...
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    Passed The Motion to Replace the Constitution

    Time to wade in! NP, Sacento, I think you both know by now that unicameralism and representative democracy are pretty bitter pills for many in this region to bite. If my constitution had been made by a ConCon I imagine a GA could have easily squeezed its way in. Therefore, 2 things in the...
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    Passed The Motion to Replace the Constitution

    Thank the Lord, like I told the Senate I believe this is a damned good constitution crafted by myself wity help from many talented Unionists over 1 abd a half years. It isn't perfect, I recognise this, and sensible amendments are welcomed.
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    Chairperson Election

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer and all that?
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    Passed New Chairperson selection