UL-036 - Amendment to the Constitution (Citizen Election Rights)

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To amend the Constitution
Introduced into the Senate of the Union of Democratic States on the 12th of February, 2022, by Guess & Check
As follows:

BELIEVING it integral to accept citizenship applications as soon as possible,
COGNIZANT that at present, the Constitution’s wording makes it difficult to accept citizens during elections without compromising regional security,
BE IT ENACTED by the Senate:

Section 1: Amendment
1. Article I, Section 4 shall be replaced in full with the following: “No citizen shall be denied the right to a secret and confidential vote, excluding those who gain citizenship at the time of an on-going election, by-election, or referendum. Citizens who gain citizenship while said events are on-going shall be unable to vote within those on-going events, but may not be denied the right to a secret and confidential vote in any event thereafter.”