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UL-024 Amendment to the Elections Act (Tiebreaking)

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To amend the bill "the Elections Act"
Introduced into the General Assembly of the Union of Democratic States on the 8th of March, 2021, by @Dyl
As follows:

REALIZING the lack of a tiebreaking procedure in single-seat elections,
CONCERNED that this may lead to unclear election outcomes in the future,
RECOGNIZING that this was the result of an oversight and was intended to have been initially included,
BELIEVING that this ought to corrected,
BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly:

Section 1: Definitions and Short Title
1. This Act may be referenced as the "Tiebreaker Act"

2. For the purposes of this act:
a. "Borda count" shall be defined as "Candidates receive one point for each last place vote received, two points for each second-to-last place vote received, three points for each third-to-last place vote received, and so on. A candidate's Borda count is equal to their total number of points."
Section 2: Amendments

1. Section 2: "Single-Seat Electoral System" shall be amended to read as follows:
“Section 2: Single-Seat Electoral System

1. All single seat elections shall use Instant Run-Off Voting (IRV), in this system voters will rank each candidate as well as Re-Open Renominations (RON).
a. “1” shall be the highest rank and the lowest rank shall be all candidates in total plus one.

2. At the end of the single-seat election all “1”, or first choice, ballots shall be counted, if a candidate or RON receives a majority of first choice votes the election shall end, with a Nation elected.
a. In the case of RON receiving a majority of first choice votes a run-off election shall be held, occurring 48 hours afterwards in accordance with other electoral rules.

3. If no candidate or RON receives a majority the candidate who received the least amount of first choice votes shall be eliminated, those who voted for this candidate will have their second choice votes be distributed amongst remaining candidates.
a. This process shall repeat for third choice votes, etc. until a candidate or RON receives a majority of votes.
b. If a voter’s second choice candidate has been eliminated when their vote is being distributed their third choice vote shall be distributed instead; this process shall be repeated as many times as necessary.”

COLOR=rgb(65, 168, 95)]4. If a candidate is to be eliminated, and there is a tie between two or more candidates with the fewest number of votes, the candidate with the lowest Borda count shall be eliminated.[/COLOR]
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