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UL-009 Amendment to the Criminal Code


A Motion

To amend UL-004

Introduced to the General Assembly of the Union of Democratic States on the 23rd of July 2020

Sponsored by Phoenix Coalition; Co-Sponsored by Dome Artan​

RECOGNIZING that an explicit definition of espionage is not present in the Criminal Code Act;

BELIEVING this limits the Executive and Judicial branches in properly protecting the Union and its Citizens from harmful information gathering and sharing;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the Republica Accord Section 4.c requires making espionage a crime,


Section 1: Provisions

1. The following shall be appended to Section 3 as a new eleventh clause: “A person is guilty of Espionage when they: engage in intelligence gathering within or against a region with which the Union has an established treaty or alliance with; or divulge information found on Union infrastructural privileges to foreign powers that would not reasonably be expected to obtain such information without consent. Espionage is classified as a High Crime.”

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