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Oct 2, 2020
  1. [9:38 AM] DYP: I end up in the history channel looking for people I know, typical
    9:41 AM] björk, not work:
    [10:15 AM] Kanta Häme: why to read history when could make it
  2. [TGW] Tim — 05/17/2021
    10 detags??? wtf y’all we need to ration those
  3. [TGW/UDSAF] moe — 06/29/2021
    tim do you work at olive garden
    Salem — 07/27/2021
    benevolent thomas tomato sandwich asmr
  4. Nakari Speardane — 09/29/2021
    safe switching only has a 99% chance of protection - the most responsible method is abstinence
  5. "Cope and Seethe",
  6. [9:03 PM] [TITO] Kanta Häme: Frat loves everyone
    [9:03 PM] [TITO] Kanta Häme: correct term is EVEN you
    [9:05 PM] [FRA/SPSF] W&S: the question is does he outwardly express it to you
    [9:05 PM] [FRA/SPSF] W&S: if he does that, then you've truly made it
    [9:09 PM] [TGW/Val] Benevolent Thomas: Fratt expressed it publicly in a room full of the most respectable players in NationStates.
    [9:10 PM] [TGW/Val] Benevolent Thomas: and Guy
  7. Luca's first raider stamina joke:
    [6:08 PM] [TGW] Sir Merlin: just got home too
    [6:09 PM] [TGW] Haku: hey it's crystal falls
    [6:09 PM] [TGW] Haku: actually they might be done
    [6:09 PM] [TGW] Sir Merlin: fuck off
    [6:09 PM] [FRA/SPSF] W&S: i think they might be out of puppets
    [6:09 PM] Luca: To be fair, it *has* been ten minutes.
  8. [7:09 PM] [THA/EPSA] Andy: Quebec is packing
    [7:09 PM] [THA/EPSA] Andy: i promise there's VC context
  9. [2:39 PM] [UDSAF/FNDA] the python: [challenges Luca’s catgirl nation]
    [2:39 PM] [UDSAF/FNDA] the python: [flawless victory]
    [2:39 PM] [RRA] Jamie: ikathink:
    [2:40 PM] [TGW/SPSF] Luca: I truly have never been more devastated by a thirteen year old boy
  10. [TGW] Luca — Today at 11:34 PM
    Oatmeal raisin is what you grab on your way to the shuffleboard game or on your way back the physical therapy for your hip replacement.
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