The Ballot

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Oct 2, 2020
The Ballot
Defender of the Year
- Tim
- Grea Kriopia
- Luca
- Quebec

The Ananke Award
- Sulenia
- New Makasta
- Kanta Hame

The Anarchotopia Award
- The Grey Wardens
- League Defense Force
- Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO)

The Blackbird Award
- Lone Wolves United
- Lily
- The Onionists
- Plastic Plant in the Corner of Max Barry's Office

Sir Lans Award
- Luca
- Haku
- Sulenia
- Grea Kriopia
- New Makasta

Operation of the Year
- Chaylia
- Operation Choppy Waters
- Genua, May 15 2021
- Trovons

The Best Newcomer Award
- League Defense Force
- New Makasta
- Moonfungus
- Luca
- Salem
- Quebecshire

The Worst Invasion/Operation Award
- Whatever Greater Cesnia did // Union of Rightwing Nations
- Equestria

Quote of the Year
- [9:38 AM] DYP: I end up in the history channel looking for people I know, typical
[9:41 AM] björk, not work:
[10:15 AM] Kanta Häme: why to read history when could make it

- [TGW] Tim — 05/17/2021
10 detags??? wtf y’all we need to ration those

- [TGW/UDSAF] moe — 06/29/2021
tim do you work at olive garden
Salem — 07/27/2021
benevolent thomas tomato sandwich asmr

- Nakari Speardane — 09/29/2021
safe switching only has a 99% chance of protection - the most responsible method is abstinence

- "Cope and Seethe"

- [9:03 PM] [TITO] Kanta Häme: Frat loves everyone
[9:03 PM] [TITO] Kanta Häme: correct term is EVEN you
[9:05 PM] [FRA/SPSF] W&S: the question is does he outwardly express it to you
[9:05 PM] [FRA/SPSF] W&S: if he does that, then you've truly made it
[9:09 PM] [TGW/Val] Benevolent Thomas: Fratt expressed it publicly in a room full of the most respectable players in NationStates.
[9:10 PM] [TGW/Val] Benevolent Thomas: and Guy

- [6:08 PM] [TGW] Sir Merlin: just got home too
[6:09 PM] [TGW] Haku: hey it's crystal falls
[6:09 PM] [TGW] Haku: actually they might be done
[6:09 PM] [TGW] Sir Merlin: fuck off
[6:09 PM] [FRA/SPSF] W&S: i think they might be out of puppets
[6:09 PM] Luca: To be fair, it *has* been ten minutes.

- [7:09 PM] [THA/EPSA] Andy: Quebec is packing
[7:09 PM] [THA/EPSA] Andy: i promise there's VC context
- [2:39 PM] [UDSAF/FNDA] the python: [challenges Luca’s catgirl nation]
[2:39 PM] [UDSAF/FNDA] the python: [flawless victory]
[2:39 PM] [RRA] Jamie: ikathink:
[2:40 PM] [TGW/SPSF] Luca: I truly have never been more devastated by a thirteen year old boy
- [TGW] Luca — Today at 11:34 PM
Oatmeal raisin is what you grab on your way to the shuffleboard game or on your way back the physical therapy for your hip replacement.

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending
- Deadeye Jack
- Tim
- Numero Captain (NuCa)
- Kanta Hame
- Dyr Nasad

The Meltdown of the Year
- Cormac
- Union of Rightwing Nations
- Sedge & GC in the TRR mute button thread

The Numero Captain
- Numero Captain (NuCa)
- Tim

The Belgium Award
- Moonfungus
- HumanSanity
- Grea Kriopia
- The Partnership for Sovereignty

The Worst Invader Group
- Holor
- Incan Empire
- Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army

The Karputsk Award
- Quebechsire
- Tim
- HumanSanity
- Luca
- Grea Kriopia

The Eluvatar Award

The Best Defender Mentor
- Jack
- Benevolent Thomas
- Grea Kriopia
- Kanta Hame
- Frattastan[/box]
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