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Repealed The Aegis Accords

For a law or treaty that has been repealed and is no longer active.
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To ratify the treaty "The Aegis Accords"
Introduced into the SENATE of the Union of Democratic States on the 17th of OCTOBER, 2021, by KADE W. VASENTIUS, DIE KRONPRINZESSIN, and GUESS & CHECK
As follows:

The Aegis Accords​

We, the signatories of this treaty, striving for greater cooperation between our regions, recognizing our shared commitment to defender values, and acknowledging our longstanding, interconnected friendship and collaboration that encompasses an amalgamation of preexisting treaties and alliances, agree to establish the Aegis Accords.

Table of contents
Part I — Mutual Recognition

Part II — Security
Article 1. Non-Aggression.
Article 2. Mutual Defense.
Article 3. Intelligence Sharing.
Article 4. Cooperation.​

Part III — Culture

Part IV — Alterations
Article 1. Accession.
Article 2. Expulsion, Suspension, and Withdrawal.
Article 3. Amendments.​

Part V — Deposit and Clarification


Part I — Mutual Recognition​

1. The signatories to this treaty recognize the government of each region, based upon their constituting instruments and laws, as legitimate and will not extend that recognition to any government that comes to power through means not prescribed by law.

2. Each signatory recognizes the commitment of the other to defender values and seeks to uphold these values in their actions and through this treaty. Further, each signatory recognizes the right and privilege of the other to engage in offensive actions consentient with their laws and defender traditions.

3. The signatories shall maintain an in-game and off-site embassy, if applicable, with all other signatories and host emissaries from the other signatories.​

Part II — Security​

Article 1. Non-Aggression.​

1. The signatories vow never to attack the home region of another signatory nor participate in any action with the intent to overthrow their legitimate government.

2. The signatories will not undertake an attack against regions that share embassies with any other signatory, including assisting another military organization attempting as much, unless a region in question has declared war or attacked any of the signatories of this treaty.

3. The signatories will refrain from conspiring, either directly or through a third party, to destabilize or overthrow the legitimate government of another signatory.

4. The signatories will refrain from conducting clandestine operations, espionage, or other forms of spying against another signatory.

5. The terms of this article shall extend to the legitimate regional properties of the signatories that are enshrined in law and communicated to the other signatories.​

Article 2. Mutual Defense.​

1. The signatories agree to provide military assistance in the event of a military attack, which includes but is not limited to a coup d’état, an invasion, and a raid, against the home region of another signatory.

2. The signatories agree to aid each other against illegal attempts to overthrow the in-game delegate of their respective home regions.

3. The terms of this article shall extend to the legitimate regional properties of the signatories that are enshrined in law and communicated to the other signatories.​

Article 3. Intelligence Sharing.​

1. The signatories agree to maintain the classified nature of sensitive information regarding military affairs that concerns the other signatories or their defensive operations and only publish such information in a manner mutually agreed upon by the applicable signatories unless doing so would violate applicable laws; the terms of service for NationStates, Discord, or a signatory's forum provider; or unduly compromise a signatory's sources of information.

2. The signatories agree to provide each other intelligence, on a need-to-know basis, on the acts or intentions of any party from within or without this treaty engaging in military hostilities, a coup d’état, or any acts of subversion against the home region, legitimate government, or legitimate regional properties of another signatory, which shall be shared with the relevant security organization or other government entity as laid out in the domestic laws of each region. Failure to provide any qualifying intelligence shall constitute a violation of this section.​

Article 4. Cooperation.​

1. The signatories to this treaty shall strive for closer cooperation in defensive military operations and liberations and counter the disruption of a quorum for proposed resolutions in the World Assembly by defending regions not espousing hateful ideologies or otherwise posing a threat to other NationStates communities.

2. The signatories agree to provide reasonable military assistance during lawful transitions of power between delegates if requested.​

Part III — Culture​

1. The signatories to this treaty will endeavor to conduct communal cultural activities to benefit the people of all signatories and strengthen the institutions of peace, liberty, and the defender cause and shall conduct at least one such activity each year.

2. The signatories to this treaty will share strategies and techniques to improve the quality and superiority of potatoes above all other foods endorsement culture of their respective regions to increase the number of endorsements of their respective World Assembly Delegates.​

Part IV — Alterations​

Article 1. Accession.​

1. Any region interested in acceding to the treaty must make a formal request to the responsible authority of any signatory to this treaty, and any signatory that receives such a request must share the request with the other signatories.

2. A region may accede to an amended version of this treaty incorporating their region through:

a. The ratification of the treaty by the acceding region according to its constituting instruments and laws and

b. Unanimous ratification by all other signatories according to their respective constituting instruments and laws.​

3. Regional accession shall become effective immediately upon completion of Section 2 of this article.

4. No region currently adhering to a formal raiding alignment or espousing a hateful ideology shall accede to this treaty.​

Article 2. Expulsion, Suspension, and Withdrawal.​

1. The signatories may vote by a threshold of a three-fourths majority of all voting-eligible signatories to expel another signatory, provided that the signatory subject to expulsion shall not be eligible to vote in such proceedings.

2. Any signatory shall be automatically expelled from the treaty upon the declaration of a formal raiding alignment.

3. Any signatory may unilaterally suspend the terms of the treaty between themselves and the other signatories for at most thirty days. During the suspension, the signatories shall make every effort to reach a mutually acceptable solution to the cause of suspension.

4. The signatories undertake to settle any dispute between them through peaceful means and refrain from using the threat of force or sanction against one another while this treaty is in force.

5. A signatory can withdraw from the treaty, providing at least three days advance notice to the other signatories, and such withdrawal will not constitute an act of war or hostility by the withdrawing signatory in and of itself. Termination of the treaty may occur without prior suspension of the treaty.​

Article 3. Amendments.​

1. Any signatory may propose an amendment to the treaty. After discussion, the signatories must unanimously support such an amendment before ratifying it by completing the respective constituting and legal processes of each region.

2. Amendments to this treaty shall enter into effect immediately upon completion of Section 1 of this article.​

Part V — Deposit and Clarification​

1. The signatories shall publicly record the complete text of this treaty in their respective appropriate record-keeping places.

2. The signatories may meet to clarify the terms of this treaty through memorandums of understanding, which shall be posted alongside the treaty.​


1. 10000 Islands

2. The South Pacific

3. Spiritus

4. The Union of Democratic States​
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