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SR-009 Amendment to the ROP on Nominations and Formatting

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To Amend the Senate Rules
Introduced into the Senate of the Union on July 4th by Glaciosia, as follows:​

BELIEVING that the rules of this body need continual updating;
ESTABLISHING that the format of our laws is an important duty;

1. A new Section shall be inserted following Section 3 of the Senate Rules of Procedures, as follows:
“1. The Format for laws and other motions may be established or modified by a motion introduced into the Senate.
2. The Speaker shall enforce the Format, and prevent the introduction of any item to the Senate until it is in compliance.”

2. A new clause shall be inserted at the end of Section 3, as follows:
a. confirmations shall be treated as a motion sponsored by the President, Chief Justice or Chief Electoral Commissioner, cosponsored by the confirmee and not up for amendment.
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