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Motion to Award Josephto as Chairperson Emeritus

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Mr. President, the following motion has passed the Senate and is being submitted for your approval.



To grant a status following the provisions of The Awards Act (UL-026)
Introduced into the Senate of the Union of Democratic States on the 22nd of May, 2021, by @Zukchiva, and @Druing, @Tanisha, @Kade, @EUKBICR, @Kron, @Asdersland, @Sacento, @We The People, @Phoenix
As follows:

RECOGNIZING that the Union recently ratified its seventh Constitution.
NOTING that following said ratification, the legislative body of the General Assembly, one of the former organs of the legislature, ceased to exist.
FURTHER NOTING that @Josephto, the final Chairman of the Assembly, was entirely devoted to its welfare and did his best in office, and thus deserves recognition for the same:
BE IT ENACTED by the Senate:

Section 1: Provisions
1. Josephto shall be awarded the status of “Chairperson Emeritus”, following the provisions of the Awards Act (UL-026), for his great contributions as the final Chairman of the General Assembly.
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