January 2021 Senate Elections

= Jan. 2021 Senate Election =

WELCOME to the second rendition of Everyday News's election coverage! This time we are glossing over Senate elections- what fun! Information, announcements, scheduling, and more can be found here. Enjoy! \o/


Information to know about the election like what position it is for, election schedules, etc.


The election being covered today is the January 2021 Senate elections. The elections are to be initiated following the relevant provisions of the Constitution- it's a regular election!. The election has started, so Unionists to read campaigns and take note of voting periods.


Senators are members of the upper house of the legislature. Besides creating regular legislation, Senators are empowered to draft, debate, enact, amend, and/or repeal treaties, constitutional amendments, Presidential nominations, and other motions. As of now, there is a maximum of five Senators that can be elected!


Jan. 28th to Jan. 30th: Candidacy Declaration; Campaigning
Jan. 30th to Feb. 1st: Chancellors announce official Candidates; Campaigning
After Feb. 3rd: Results announced

Those who have been declared as official candidates by the Chancellors. (Yes, there's only three.)

We The People Gouvernor
A very old Unionist, WTP is well known for their extensive legislative involvement within the Union. They have previously served as Associate Justice and Chief Justice, and now work as a Ministerial Assistant in the Ministry of Justice.
WTP for Senate!
British Isles and Commonwealth Realms
As one of the Unionists who joined sometime after the Drew rush, Isles has turned into a rising star well known for their governmental ability. They currently serve as Senator and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Isles for Senate (one last time)
Kingdom of Sacento
Another newer Unionist, Sacento has quickly risen to legislative heights along with Isles. Sacento currently serves as Senator, Ministerial Assistant to the Ministry of Census, Ambassador, and Recruiter.
Sacento for Senate! no.3

A summary of Candidate campaigns. Please read campaigns yourself to get full information.

We The People Gouvernor | Campaign: "WTP for Senate!"

WTP's campaign focuses on their ability to be honest. They emphasize that their honesty as a quality that will help them within the Senate. They have also promoted cooperation amongst Senators and hope to work with them in order to get legislative ideas passed; however, WTP has not listed any specific legislative agenda.

British Isles and Commonwealth Realms | Campaign: Isles for Senate (one last time)

Isle's campaign focuses on one singular goal: to reform or abolish the Assembly. They also hope that this election can serve as a referendum/survey on Isle's performance as Senator thus-far.

Kingdom of Sacento | Campaign: Sacento for Senate! no.3

Sacento's campaign is primarily based on policy, laying out the following goals: a) reform the General Assembly, b) provide more experience in the legislature, c) introduce summary of laws, and d) serve as an active Senator. Sacento has also expressed interest in serving as Deputy Speaker.

How Candidates perceive common issues and debates that are being discussed in election campaigns.


We The People Gouvernor: They decidedly do not support abolition, and will try to only change the General Assembly by how the Assembly itself wants to be changed.

British Isles and Commonwealth Realms: Wishes to either finish reforming or abolishing the General Assembly, although they do not state how in their campaign. Isles has further stated that should the Assembly retain its current activity, he will not be moving towards abolition.

Kingdom of Sacento: Supports General Assembly reform where interested Citizens must sign up to serve in the Assembly, but with some changes to make the linked amendment more feasible.


As more issues arise, they will be brought up here~

The election's final results. The official Chancellor announcement can be found here.

Ultimately, 20 Citizens cast voted in this election, with all such votes being valid! This represents a 25% increase from the General Assembly Chairperson By-Election, which had 16 voters (keeping in mind that Senators could not vote then). Voting was conduced via a Google Form provided by the Chancellors.

Here are the final voting results (based on average placement):

=> British Isles and Commonwealth Realms: 1.75
=> Kingdom of Sacento: 2.40
=> We The People Gouvernor: 2.93
=> Re-open Nominations: 2.95


With all three candidates scoring an average lower than RON (lower average=more votes one got), Isles, Sacento, and We The People are elected to serve to the Senate. Everyday News gives its hearty congratulations to these individuals, and hopes for a productive Senate term!
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