Active EO-013 | UDSAF Official Structure Adoption

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By the authority vested in me as President of the Union of Democratic States, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment of The Union of Democratic States Armed Forces (hereinafter UDSAF) Rank and Appointment Structure

1. The UDSAF shall report to the President of the Union of Democratic States & Commander in Chief, and shall be comprised of 4 categories, in descending order of rank, of service members; Flag Officers, Field Officers, Non-Command Officers, and Enlisted.
2. Flag Officers, in descending order of rank, are the Minister of Defense, the Deputy Minister of Defense, General, and Lieutenant General.
a. The Deputy Minister of Defense, Generals, and Lieutenant Generals are appointed by the President on the advice of the Minister of Defense.
b. The ranks of General and Lieutenant General may be held by multiple individuals.
3. Field Officers, in descending order of rank, are Colonel, Major, Captain, and Lieutenant.
a. Service Members are appointed to the rank of Lieutenant by the Minister of Defense on advice of Flag Officers.
b. Lieutenants may be promoted for notable meritorious service or for successfully leading a number of missions; 50 for Colonel, 30 for Major, and 15 for Captain.
4. Non-Command Officers, in descending order of rank, are Master Chief Warrant Officer, Chief Warrant Officer, 1st Warrant Officer, 2nd Warrant Officer.
a. The rank of Non-Command Officer shall be granted to service members for verified completion of a number of missions; 125 for Master Chief Warrant Officer, 100 for Chief Warrant Officer, 75 for 1st Warrant Officer, and 50 for 2nd Warrant Officer.
5. Enlisted, in descending order of rank, are Sergeant Major, Sergeant, Specialist, Private, and Recruit.
a. The rank of Enlisted shall be granted to service members for verified completion of a number of missions; 30 for Sergeant Major, 15 for Sergeant, 5 for Specialist, and 1 for Private.

Section 2. Establishment of The UDSAF Rank Responsibilities.

1. Flag Officers are responsible for reporting mission briefs to the President on a regular basis; promotion of service members for verified completion of missions and meritorious service; coordination with military allies on deployment strategies; and assigning missions to field officers.
2. Field Officers are responsible for leading their deployment unit on assigned missions in a timely manner; verifying service members present on missions, and reporting mission status to Flag Officers upon completion of their mission.
a. Flag Officers, at their discretion, may assign themselves to act as a Field Officer on a mission.
3. Non-Command Officers and Enlisted are responsible for reporting to calls to deployment in a timely fashion, reporting their puppet nation name to their Field Officer, and following the orders of the mission.
a. In the event that the Field Officer for a mission is not present or must leave before completion of the mission, the most senior service member shall assume the duties of Field Officer.

Section 3. Effective Date.

1. This order shall be effective immediately upon its publication in the Official Executive Order Library of the Union of Democratic States.