Council of State CR-002 Motion to establish a Committee (General Assembly Affairs)

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To establish the Committee on General Assembly Affairs
Introduced into the Council of State of the Union of Democratic States on the 8th of May, 2023, by @TheSecond (Aarman)
As follows:​

RECOGNIZING the duty of the Council to direct the World Assembly Delegate;
CONTENDING that the Council must have a system to execute its duty effectively;
BE IT ENACTED by the Council of State:

Section 1: Short Title and Definitions
1. This bill may be referenced as a “Motion to Establish the Committee on General Assembly Affairs”.

2. To direct the World Assembly Delegate means to compel the Delegate to either abstain, vote for, or vote against a General Assembly resolution at a vote.

3. A simple majority is defined as more than half of the votes cast.

Section 2: Establishment and Purpose
1. There shall exist in the Council of State (hereinafter referred to as the Council) a Committee on General Assembly Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Committee).

2. The Committee’s purpose does not exceed that of:
a. assessing General Assembly resolutions at a vote and in queue to be put at a vote;
b. examining all bills pertaining to directing the World Assembly Delegate to vote on General Assembly resolutions; and
c. announcing to the Council their recommendation on directing the World Assembly Delegate.

Section 3: Organization
1. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and no more than seven (7) Members.

2. The Speaker of the Council is responsible for appointing the Chairperson.
a. The Chairperson must be an active Councillor and a member of the General Assembly.

3. The Chairperson shall choose a Vice Chairperson from amongst the Members.
a. The Vice Chairman must be an active Councillor and a member of the General Assembly.

4. The Chairperson is charged with the appointment of the Committee’s Members.
a. Members may be Councillors and non-Councillor Citizens.
i. The Chairperson may appoint Councillors and non-Councillor Citizens with the advice of the Speaker of the Council.
ii. Non-Councillor Citizens must be in good standing with the Council of State.

Section 4: Provisions
1. The Chairperson and four (4) Members shall constitute a quorum.

2. The Chairperson and Members of the Committee shall not lose their positions due to the election or re-election of a Speaker of the Council.

3. The Chairperson is responsible for establishing the Committee’s rules, which shall have the approval of the Speaker of the Council before it takes effect.

4. The Chairperson, or if the Chairperson is not present the Vice Chairperson, shall preside over all meetings of the Committee.

5. Decisions made by the Committee shall be by a simple majority.
a. In the case of an equal number of Ayes and Nays, the Chairperson’s vote shall take precedence.

6. The Committee may request the attendance of the sponsor and cosponsor(s) of a bill; however, the Committee can not compel the attendance of Citizens.

7. All meetings conducted by the Committee are to be public.

8. The World Assembly Delegate shall not be the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson of the Committee.