Chairperson Goodbye

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Dec 8, 2020
My fellow Unionists,

Over the past 6 months of my being in the Union, I have spent five and a half of them running this Assembly. Whether it was as Zen's deputy (during which I did most of the work), or as the Chairperson in my own right. It was not always easy, and I am well aware I was not always everyone's favorite choice. Nevertheless, here I am, the final Chairperson of the Union General Assembly. I thank you for the good times, and the honor of being the last. I trust now that our new Constitution will be one that will herald in a new and prosperous era for our Union. I trust that our elected Senators will do a fine job as our sole legislators. I trust that the best of the Union is simply on the horizon. We will rise to great things. With that now, God bless the General Assembly. God bless the Union Senate. And God bless the Union of Democratic States.

Former Chairperson of the General Assembly
all part of the plan
whats the general assembly?