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AR-007 Amendment to the ROP on Explicit Revocation



To amend the Rules & Procedures of the General Assembly
Presented to the General Assembly of the Union of Democratic States on the 31st of January, 2021.
Sponsored by Druing

OBSERVING a required committal to the full legislative process on a given bill or motion proposal;

ACKNOWLEDGING that legislators may only realise any potential errors with a bill post-submission, that the amendment process may not catch every occurrence and that several pieces of legislation have already made their way through the entire legislative process only to be stopped by discovered flaws within their text;

UNDERSTANDING that the new flexible AR-006 provisions by themselves allow for an organic, implicit mechanism to revoke the bill, however this lacks concrete procedure, restrictions and authority, as well as the potential that it may not immediately occur to members to utilise the procedures available to them in such a manner, within the allotted time;

RECOGNISING the lack of an explicit, provisioned, understandable, highly visible and simple to initiate emergency mechanism for revoking a bill submission in its early stages allowing for its secure, sensible and swift withdrawal;

CONCERNED that if allowed to continue, this has the potential to impede the overall efficiency and day-to-day activities of not only the General Assembly, but the Legislature as a whole;

ALARMED that this may prove inadvertently harmful to the region overall, in the event that legislators provide what may be a potentially erroneous alteration to Union Law;


Section 1: Provisions
1. The following subclause shall be inserted between subclauses a and b of Section 2, Clause 2, with the subsequent subclauses renumbered accordingly: “Motions to withdraw a motion from the General Assembly”
2. Two new clauses shall be inserted after Section 2, Clause 5 (“Assembly Members may motion to protest a violation of procedures, which the Chairperson shall consider and then take appropriate action.”):

A. “Except under circumstances outlined later within this section, the primary sponsor for the motion is entitled to motion to withdraw the motion and may cite their reason for doing so. This action is only available to the primary sponsor and they may only do so during the motion’s debate period, following the provisions for such in Section 3.”

B. “The motion to withdraw may not be initiated when:
a. The bill originated in the Senate.
b. The bill is returning to the General Assembly from the Senate.”

3. Two new subclauses shall be inserted prior to subclause a of Section 3, Clause 3 (“If, after 48 hours, the motion has received no discussion the Chairperson may close this period; otherwise a motion to close is required.”), with the subsequent subclauses renumbered accordingly:

A. “If, during this period, the primary sponsor motions to withdraw the motion which remains unobjected to within the following 24 hours, the motion passes.”

B. “If, during this period, the primary sponsor motions to withdraw the motion which is objected to within the following 24 hours, a vote is initiated to withdraw the motion, following the standard provisions for voting on an procedural motion detailed later in this Section.”

4. The following clause shall be inserted between Section 3, Clauses 3 and 4, with the subsequent clauses renumbered accordingly: “If the motion to withdraw has been invoked and subsequently passed, following confirmation from the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson, the motion shall become withdrawn and will progress no further.”

5. The following subclause shall be inserted following subclause c of Section 5, Clause 5: “Frivolous motions to withdraw.”