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Repealed AR-002 Amendment to the ROP

For a law or treaty that has been repealed and is no longer active.
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Motion to Amend the General Assembly Rules of Procedure
Sponsored by Firseria

RECOGNIZING that certain motions only affect the General Assembly, and therefore should only need approval by the Assembly to go into effect;
NOTING that, despite being such a motion, the Rules of Procedure have no provisions for passing them;
BELIEVING that codifying such procedures and ensuring that proper checks are placed on the process is necessary for the long term function of the Assembly;
HEREBY AMENDS AR-#001: General Assembly Rules of Procedure.

The following clause shall be inserted under Section 1:

2. Motions which enact rules or provisions relating exclusively to the General Assembly shall be referred to as Procedural Resolutions.
  • Motions to amend or repeal Procedural Resolutions shall also be classified as such.
  • Proposed Procedural Resolutions shall be referred to as Procedural Resolution Proposals.

The following section shall be added:

Section 8: Procedure for Resolution Proposals

1. Any Assembly Member, not otherwise inhibited, may send a Procedural Resolution Proposal to the Chairperson for consideration by the Assembly.

2. Upon receipt of a proposal from an Assembly Member, the Chairperson shall create a thread in the forum, and open the proposal for debate.

3. After the opening of the proposal, the sponsor of the proposal may introduce the resolution, followed by the co-sponsors.

4. The Chairperson shall then declare the proposal open for discussion by other Assembly Members, who may then formally and respectfully declare their views on the resolution at hand.
  • The debate period will last 48 hours from the opening by the Chairperson.
5. Upon conclusion of the debate period, the Chairperson will move the proposal forward to the amendment period which will last a further 48 hours.
  • Any Assembly Member, including the proposal’s sponsor(s) may propose amendments to the proposal.
6. Upon conclusion of the amendment period, a second debate period will be opened by the Chairperson which will last 48 hours.
  • This second debate period will only pertain to proposed amendments; if there are no proposed amendments, the Chairperson shall move the proposal directly to vote.
7. During any of these periods, any citizen may object to the proposal on the basis that its provisions do not pertain exclusively to the Assembly. This objection must be seconded by an Assembly Member, after which the Chairperson shall hold a vote on the issue.
  • The voting period shall last 48 hours, with the currently active debate or amendment period being extended to the end of the vote.
  • The vote only requires 45% approval to succeed.
  • If the vote is successful the proposal shall be reclassified as a bill, and debate will restart, now in accordance with the provisions of Section 7, unless the proposal is an amendment in which case it will be discarded.
  • If the vote fails, debate will resume, and no further votes on reclassification may be held.
8. Upon conclusion of the second debate period, the Chairperson shall move the proposal to the voting period which will last 48 hours.
  • If the proposal has proposed amendments there will be two voting periods.
    • The amendments will be voted on individually in a single voting period.
    • Upon the conclusion of voting upon the proposed amendments, the proposal shall progress to the second voting period to be voted on its entirety.
9. The voting period (or second voting period if there were proposed amendments) shall occur, a simple majority required for passage.
  • Voting periods shall end at the conclusion of the 48 hours unless extended or shortened in accordance with General Procedures of the General Assembly.
  • If the proposal passes, it immediately becomes a Procedural Resolution, and Assembly Members shall be expected to follow its provisions.
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