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Oct 2, 2020

Applying For Citizenship
What is citizenship?

Citizenship allows any resident to participate in civic activities such as voting in elections and running for office. Citizenship also grants the beholder certain rights and privileges outlined in the Constitution

What are the requirements of citizenship?

Since the immigration policy of the Union is not controlled legislatively and is instead the responsibility of the Ministry of the Census, the requirements of citizenship are decided by the President and the Minister of the Census. The current requirements for citizenship are:
  • Residents seeking citizenship must not have an alarming criminal record which would suggest a plan to harm the Union.
  • Residents seeking citizenship must be dedicated to the Union of Democratic States and they must subscribe to regional values.
  • Residents seeking citizenship should have their forum profiled completed. Completion requires you to have your nation name and discord username filled out and updated regularly.
  • Residents must maintain an active nation in the region and not CTE (cease to exist).

What are the rights of citizenship?

The rights of citizens are outlined in the constitution. The citizens are guaranteed the following rights:
  • The freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition.
  • The right to due process and a speedy, fair trial.
  • The right to run for and hold office.
  • The right to vote in the elections of the Union.
  • The right to vote in the General Assembly.

Do you feel ready for citizenship? Once you are ready, fill out the form by clicking "Apply for Citizenship!" in the Citizenship Counter forum or the convenient link we left for you!
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