Amendment to The Delegacy Act

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Feb 6, 2021
Because yes (I just think it's better that WA delegates vote in the WA how residents want them to vote)

NOTING that the World Assembly Advisory Board's voting stance is not binding on the Delegate,

FURTHER NOTING that the President may make the Delegate vote however they want, regardless of the World Assembly Advisory Board's opinion,

CONCERNED that the Delegate may vote in the World Assembly regardless of public opinion, purely by their or the presidents opinion,

BELIEVING that for the Union to be more democratic, the delegate's World Assembly vote should be decided by the citizenry regardless of the Delegate or President's personal stance,

AMEMDS The Delegacy Act so:

Section Three: Voting Procedure

1. The World Assembly Delegate shall vote or abstain on each World Assembly proposal after consultation with the World Assembly Advisory Board.a vote is held, that:
- Must last exactly 24 hours
- All citizens may vote For or Against and have an equal vote other than the World Assembly Advisory Board, whose vote which may be For or Against, and which counts twice that of the rest of the citizens
2. After the vote is finished, the WA delegate must:
- Vote for the World Assembly proposal if more votes are "For" than "Against"
- Vote against the World Assembly proposal if more votes are "Against" than "For"
- Not vote if there are an equal amount of votes For and Against

2. The decision of the Advisory Board shall be non-binding on the Delegate.
3. The President may direct the Delegate to vote for or against a World Assembly proposal in accordance with their duties and powers as Chief Diplomat of the Union of Democratic States.
4. The President shall notify the World Assembly Delegate of a direction to vote within forty-eight (48) hours of the vote in question commencing, which the Delegate shall follow.
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