Administrative Team Roster Changes


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Dec 18, 2015
I hereby promote Glaciosia to Associate Administrator, Kade to Administrative Assistant, Brittalia to Moderator, Kron to Moderator, and Isles to Moderator.

This promotion for Glaciosia is long overdue. Glaciosia has served well as Administrative Assistant and in this capacity has learned what is takes to be an Administrator. Glacisoia has been privy to countless discussions of the administrative team and has contributed greatly by providing input on often difficult determinations. Glaciosia was pivotal in the creation of the new forum on xenforo and the UDS family of websites. Glaciosia added link shortening and image hosting capabilities to Glaciosia has learned the role of an Administrator and I am hopeful that he will serve well in this new capacity, as a member of the Executive Administrative Team, the body which makes determinations.

Kade is a long-standing member of the Union and has previously served in the capacity of Administrator. Kade has recently assisted in the creation and design of this forum and is currently responsible for the management of the newly announced UDSWAP program. Kade understands his role as Administrative Assistant well and it is my hope that he will serve well in this new capacity.

Brittalia has been a member of the region since 2016 and knows the Union well. In his numerous IC leadership positions he has demonstrated care for the community at large. Kron has been a member of the region since 2018 and has assisted the administrative team in the past through the management of the region's law library. Isles, however new, has shown competence within the Senate, Executive, and recently as writer for our Union's newspapers. Brittalia, Kron, and Isles were interviewed extensively by the Administrative Team. They demonstrated knowledge of the role of the administrative team, the division between IC and OOC, and what terms such as "NSFW," "spam," "flaming," and "flame-baiting" are. It is my hope that they will serve the Union well in this capacity.

As Moderators, Brittalia, Kron, and Isles will be responsible for the following areas of regional administration:
  • Warning members both on the discord and forum.
  • Deleting problematic discord posts.
  • Masking members on discord.
  • Editing and moving threads on the forum.

The Executive Administrative Team, the body which makes determinations, now consists of the following: Thatcher, Ark, Phoenix, Khevo, and Glaciosia.


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