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    Discussion Motion to Remove the Honorary Citizenship of East Chimore

    I agree with this motion and propose it be voted on by the council I believe this is a special case in terms of the suspension and if necessary the supreme court could rule it unconstitutional if this becomes law
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    Okaymusician446 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Application

    Ministry Application Form Basic Information What is your nation's name?: Republic of Tuqo What Ministry are you applying for?: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry Specific Information What position interests you in Foreign Affairs?: Ambassador - No preference Do you have any prior...
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    Applications for Councillors of the CoS

    Your Name: Okaymusician446 Your Discord: okaymusician446 Oath of Office Signature:: I, Republic of Tuqo, do solemnly swear that I will uphold the Constitution of the Union; that I will take on the responsibilities of the office I am about to enter; and that I will represent the citizens of...
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    Okaymusician446 Citizenship Application

    Your Nation?: Tuqo Other Nations/Aliases?: No What's your World Assembly status? Membership - Nation is in UDS Do you have Discord? Yes What's your Discord? okaymusician446 Do you have Discord linked to our forum? Yes How did you hear about us? I was just looking for a new...