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  1. Zen

    Passed The Motion to Replace the Constitution

    I'm with NP and also want to see the questions Joe had elaborated on.
  2. Zen

    Passed The Awards Act of 2021

  3. Zen

    Lmao Morgue joe

    Lmao Morgue joe
  4. Zen

    Chairperson Election

  5. Zen

    Passed New Chairperson selection

  6. Zen

    Final Chairperson Selection

  7. Zen

    Passed The Tiebreaker Act

  8. Zen

    Chairperson Elections

    1. Josephto 2. Druing 3. Glac 4. Asders 5. Alk 6. RoN
  9. Zen

    Presidential Inaugurations | March 2021

    I, Zeneste, do solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office for which I was elected, to have read and fully understand the terms of the Constitution, and to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the Union of Democratic States, as well as any law amending...
  10. Zen

    Resignation of the Chairperson

    Hello, Fellow Citizens, Due to becoming the Vice-President Elect, I hereby resign as Chairperson of the General Assembly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in service, and am glad to say that I have accomplished most - if not all - of my goals. Activity is significantly increased, new...
  11. Zen

    That must be the wrong word for "support" Then. F

    That must be the wrong word for "support" Then. F
  12. Zen

    我叫习近平。我给Nuevo San Miguel我的腰杆子。

    我叫习近平。我给Nuevo San Miguel我的腰杆子。
  13. Zen

    Passed Motion to Amend the Constitution

    I invite @We The People and @Josephto to introduce this.
  14. Zen

    Passed Motion to Amend the Constitution

    A MOTION To Amend the Constitution Introduced into the General Assembly of the Union of Democratic States on the 26 of February, 2021, by @We The People , and @Josephto As follows: RECOGNIZING flaws in the Constitution; CONCERNED about interpretations; BELIEVING laws should be able to be...