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Search results

  1. Kade

    Union Statues at Large - 2016-2019

    Union Statutes at Large A compilation of all Legislation passed by the Congress of the Union of Democratic States, 2016-2019 Annotated, compiled, and edited by @Asdersland, PA SCAJ
  2. Kade

    Supreme Court Reports

    List of all UDS Supreme Court Reports Quantumland and Ethanoria Case (No report available) Evidence of the Case: Evidence 1, Evidence 2 Details: Requested in: 02/15/2017 Attorney General: Khevo Vice Attorney General Brittalia Supreme Court Justices: Quentin Compson, Relfa, Powhatia New...
  3. Kade

    Happy Union Day!

    Today's the day! On 18 Dec 2015, The Union was formally founded on Nationstates. Happy Birthday UDS!
  4. Kade

    [Lecture] 2018 - Inspiration

    History of the Union - 2018 By Kade W Vasentius State of the Union The Union, and Nationstates, underwent significant changes in 2018! Many remember the introduction of the Trading Card System[1] as the highlight of NS 2018. Yet 2018 was a period of innovation and exploration for the Union...
  5. Kade

    Issue: Citizen Role disappearing

    On 2020-12-09 we were notified that users are randomly missing their citizen role and being subsequently denied posting permissions in sub forums. No other roles appear to be impacted at this time. An ETA will be provided when a root cause is found ..k