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    Sturmmann_jp Citizenship Application

    Accepted! Welcome to our forums ^-^
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    Richland Citizenship Application

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    World Factbook Entry Log

    wfe with edited line for discord Welcome to The Union of Democratic States! Est. December 18th 2015 [hr]Forum | Discord | Citizenship | Master Dispatch | Constitution | Embassy Policy | Guide[hr] Regional News: Join the World Assembly and endorse our Delegate The Glorious Hypetrain...
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    it yelled at me

    it yelled at me
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    Zukchiva - Ministry of Defense Application

    Ministry Application Form Basic Information What is your nation's name?: Guess and Check What is your Discord username?: Derp#9479 What are other names or aliases are you known by?: Zukchiva, Cheesy Tots What Ministry are you applying for?: Ministry of Defense Ministry Specific...
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    congrats :>

    congrats :>
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    [Discussion] Organizing Union News

    I agree with this. There's no point in having a bunch of inactive news channels. Should we have an active news scene I think it'd make sense to bring channels back, but for now I think a newspaper announcement & discussion channels are an excellent idea. Speaking for EDN's inactivity for...
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    TlomzKrano - Embassy Application

    Accepted! Can't wait to work with y'all more as well ^-^ EDIT: Also just send the embassy request uwu
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    World Factbook Entry Log

    Winter holidays 2021 (Mix of Z-Day, Solavenia's designs, and some holiday stuff): Welcome to The Union of Democratic States! ❄️Playing in the snow since December 18th 2015❄️ [hr]Forum | Discord | Citizenship | Master Dispatch | Constitution | Embassy Policy | Guide[hr]Holiday Announcements...
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    moonlightify Citizenship Application

    Citizenship Application Congratulations! Your citizenship application has been approved; make sure to check out the Discord Server and Master Dispatch, and familiarize yourself with our laws and constitution. You now enjoy the freedom of speech, press, assembly, and petition, the right to due...
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    The Results

    Defo congrats to the winners ^-^